Portfolio Management & Analysis

Successful management of your investment portfolio is a multi-step and continuous process. It begins by determining and deploying the most appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio. The term ‘bespoke’ requires us to fully respect and integrate your personal feelings and attitudes towards money into your strategy. This will always include your risk tolerance and aspirations for the future.

Our independence ensures that we are not only conflict-free but have the capability to source investment strategies from across the spectrum. Your portfolio will likely hold a broad range of institutional quality investment products (many of which can only be accessed via independent wealth management firms like ours). Your strategy will be continuously monitored and updated to reflect changing market and economic conditions, as well as the inevitable changes in your personal life.

We spend a considerable portion of the year traveling the nation, conducting not only due diligence on investment solutions and providers we are considering, but meeting one on one with portfolio managers and financial thought leaders. Many times we are taking our clients’ questions directly to the people managing these investments. Our due diligence process also includes annually revisiting providers already being used to determine their worthiness to continue to care for our clients’ assets.