Client Bill of Rights

The key to a successful independent investment firm is forming strong, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships with each client. This Bill of Rights identifies and solidifies all that you are entitled to and can expect as a client of American Private Wealth.  Click here to download our Client Bill of Rights as a PDF file.

I. Quality Service

You shall be guaranteed a high level of personalized, courteous, and professional service at every stage of your relationship with the firm.

II. Trustworthy Advisors

Your personal wealth advisor shall always act with your interests and goals in mind while crafting a bespoke management strategy. Advisors have an obligation to give purpose to every dollar in your portfolio.
Advisors shall conduct regular in-depth portfolio reviews and shall make themselves available to receive questions and meetings according to your needs.

III. Recommendations

We shall make recommendations that are un-conflicted and unbiased. Recommendations shall be based on your personally defined needs, risk tolerance, and objectives. We shall, together, discover and define the best strategy in a clear manner and shall diligently monitor the proceedings.

IV. Confidentiality

All information given to the Firm shall be protected with the highest level of security and confidentiality standards as outlined by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), state and other regulatory agencies.

V. Accuracy

You shall receive consistently accurate reporting on your assets from custodian and third-party statements. These statements shall identify all investment positions and all activity covered by the statement period.

VI. Transparency

You shall experience a transparent partnership with your advisor and the Firm. You shall, without reserve or pretense, know the costs of portfolio management and all other services rendered. We commit to keeping you abreast of your strategy, why it was put into place, how it is being monitored, and of any events that may affect it.

VII. Response and Communication

You shall enjoy entitlement to prompt responses from your advisor and the Firm should you contact us in any format. We shall prioritize acknowledgement of your inquiry and make every effort to address it within 24 hours.
Our clients are the reason we exist. Your call to us is not an interruption.

VIII. Education

You shall have access to a wide array of resources in all subject matters with regard to your tailored plan and personal interests. You shall be provided with direction from your advisor, who shall be ever ready to explain strategies in a comprehensible manner.

IX. Best Execution

You shall enjoy the best execution when it comes to all portfolio transactions. We shall execute in a timely manner, at the best possible price, and with prompt confirmation delivery in the manner you will have specified.